San Daniele del Friuli - Al Campanile di San Daniele
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San Daniele del Friuli

San Daniele del Friuli:

A world where popular poetry meets the way of thinking, the food and a glass of wine creating vivid and sincere colours in speaking, living and feeling part of a land.


It is a fascinating place for its history, a village that has maintained the bond with the past and with its traditions.


San Daniele is placed in the centre of the Friulian hills, it has always been a meeting place between culture and different populations. The town is on the top of a hill and dominates all the surrounding land.


In the 15th century, after many changings, it passed under the Venetian dominion, it enjoyed a period of autonomy and prosperity that allowed an important literary, artistic and architectural development.

With the agreement of Campoformido in the 1797 the town passed under the Austrian domination until the 1866 when was annexed to Reign of Italy.


Having a walk among its streets you can breathe a unique atmosphere of a great culture and poetry surrounded by the memories of a history that has ancient and deep roots.


The DOP San Daniele ham that is produced here, is internationally recognised as an Italian excellence and has a very ancient history and a long tradition though the centuries. A unique microclimate gives and exalts aroma, tastes and that delicate and appealing flavour which is loved all over the world.


Since the 1985 a festival has been devoted to it. During “Aria di Festa” you can taste the famous ham surrounded in a joyous and convivial atmosphere.


The production of rainbow trout, which today represents a valued food is considered a good substitute to the salmon. Frico, cheeses and wines of this land represent only some of the gastronomic excellences of San Daniele and of our land.


The majestic profile of the Julian Alps, the Mount Ragogna, the suggestion of Morainic amphitheatre of the Tagliamento, captivating glimpses and together very beautiful monuments and places have given a shape to our land.


Historical itineraries through the Great War places, itineraries suitable for cycling, the Ragogna lake, the small lakes of San Daniele, equipped parks for picnics and walks are places where you can observe the fauna and the flora. You will find all this exploring the outskirts while you are dipping yourself in the nature that surrounds you.


San Daniele is a still live town, still authentic and still to be enjoyed.

Places to see in San Daniele del Friuli: